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On-line Treatment Notes and Guidelines


     1.  All on-line treatmnets are given via Skype or Phone.


  2. Make sure your body is clean before you receieve your treatment.  A shower is recommended but if this is not possible or too inconvenent, we recommend that you at least wash you hands and face.


   3. Please keep an open and calm mind during the treatment and trust the process.  This will strengthen your connection to the Ki Master and allow you to receive more energy.


  4. Please sit comfortably or lay down during the treatment. It will last approximately 15 -20 minutes. During the treatment you will hear the Ki master make a sound with his breath.  With this sound, the KI Master is sending you vital life energy.


    5. The ki master will let you know when the treatment is over. After you have disconnected the skype or call, if you can, please meditate quietly on your own  for at least 5 to 10 minutes.



Call for an appointment :

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