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Ki Training Room

Please review before training :


   1) Payment : If you have not done so already, prior to the beginning of class, please make sure to pay for your class. You pay use the links below to do so now.


    Daily :  $70 per 7 class  :  

   Monthly :  $150.00 per month for unlimited classes in that month  : 



   2) Connection : We are located high in the San Bernadino mountains where the weather can be extreme (winds, fire, storms), so the internet connection can be affected by this and we occasionally experience delays or interruptions in the broadcasting. If this happens for more then 60 seconds, reopen or refreshing this page please.  If the problem continues or if you have any other questions or concerns during the training class,  please text us at 760-654-2251.  We will respond to your questions promptly and try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.



   3) Korean phrases during class 


반갑습니다 (Ban gap sumnida) :

    Happy to see you


경배 (Kungbae) : Big Bow


수고하셨습니다 (Soo Go Ha Sheot Sumnida) :

    You did a good Job


감사합니다 (Kamsamnida) : Thank you


천존 (Cheon Jon) : Greeting, Other name of a low of heaven and universe


Thank you,

The Ki Team

Review & practice Ki Training steps  


Part I  Step 1       Open 

Part I  Step 2       Open

Part I  Step 3       Open

Part I  Step 4       Open 

Part I  Step 5       Open

Part I  Step 6       Open

Part I  Step 7       Open

Part I  Step 8       Open

Part I  Step 9       Open

Part I  Step 10     Open

Part I  Step 11     Open

Part I  Step 12-1  Open

Part I  Step 12-2  Open

Call for an appointment :

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