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How On-line Treatments Work


   The pupose of an on-line treatment is to make the healthy and restorative benefits of Ki treatments available to people all over the world who cannot otherwise receiive a treatment in person at our centers. Ki is a wave with various frequencies. This Ki moves and varies beyond the limits of time and space. Ki also moves according to the mind and abilities of the Ki Master. Therefore, the Ki master can focus and deliver strong vital life energy to wherever or whomever he/she wishes using the internet as a media for connection. The KI Masters are cultivating thier own life energy on a daily basis through training, chanting and meditation. This allows them to send very clean, bright energy to you. On-line treatments are given via Skype. You may either call us or make an appointment online.  An on-line treatment is approximately 15-20 minutes.


How to Schedule an On-Line Treatment


   1. Log-in or sign up.


   2. You may either schedule an appoinment for your treatment on-line. click here. 

       or call us at 760-961-5787


   3. For notes and guidelines regarding on-line treatments. click here


   4. Once we receive your Skype address or telephone number, we will send you an invitation to connect. After  you accept our invitation, we will initiate the Skype or call at your scheduled time.



Call for an appointment :



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