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The Purpose of On-line Training


   The pupose of on-line training is to make the healthy and restorative benefits of Ki-Sun training available to people all over the world who can not otherwise train in person at our centers. Ki is a wave with various frequencies. This Ki moves and varies beyond the limits of time and space. Ki also moves according to the mind and abilities of the Ki Master. Therefore, the Ki master can focus and deliver energy to wherever or whomever he wishes using the internet as a media for connection.  The on-line training room called ‘the Fountain of Life’ is the space through which members can connect with the Ki Master and the strong vital life energy.

How to Join On-Line Training Classes


   1. Log- in or sign up.


   2. Select your payment option at Membership Payment


   3. Select the day and time you wish to train Here

You may choose between 2-3 classes a day,

8pm(Monday thru Friday)  (Pacific Time)

8pm (Saturday) : Free introduction class


   4. Review On-line Training Procedure Here


   5. Download your training card  Here,  print and fill in the date you wish to train. We will also keep a copy of your card and track the dates you are training and your progress.


   6. View and learn the physical movements necessary for the your specific step  here


   7. Enter the On-line training room at least five minutes in advance and wait for the KI Master/ instructor to begin class. The online Training Room rquires a pasword which we will send to you via email at the time of your enrollment


Call for an appointment :



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