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Fees for On-line Training Classes


   1. Training Fee : After you log-in, you may pay daily or monthly.

      a) $10.00 (Trial  for1 Time) 

      b) $70.00 (until 7 Days class)   

      c) $150.00 (per month)  for unlimited classes in that month  


  * For best results, we recommend training once a day or at least three times a week.  If your paying by the class, please pay and apply 30 minutes prior to  the training class.



   2. Other optional payments:

     a) Uniform $50.00

     b) Special chanting online to clear the energy in your training space  $100.00

     We recommend that you train at least 3-4 times a month to keep the energy circulating in your training space after it is cleared. If you stop training for more then three months, the energy will become stagnate in which case we advise an additional clearing.  

    c) Specail chanting to clear the energy in your entire home either online or offline:  $800.00 plus traveling expenses to your home if more then 100 miles away. This clearing will be effective for one or more years depending on your activity in the home. 



   * We recommend the uniform and the special chanting if you plan on training on-line on a regular basis. Please call us for more details. 


Appointment On-line Class





Call for an appointment :

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