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Mar 2. 2016

I felt much better after the session  I would like to do it again in person , how much does it cost and where are you located?     (Carlsbad 160228)


Mar 2. 2016

Master Seo, I no longer feel pain. Thank you for the treatment. I am also doing the stretching exercises! See you next time you come. Have a great day!   (Carlsbad 160228)

Paul. W

Mar 1. 2016

The pleasure was all mine. I am the person who wrote on your blog and I meant every word. I am being treated for 3 ruptured discs in my back and this treatment was life changing. I left that day ready to run! I was barely walking when I got there. I have been using the pressure point therapy with success. I will be starting the online soon. Are you going to be in San Diego again?  (Carlsbad EXPO 160228)


Mar 1, 2016

Ok thank you we definitely feel better and we will be in touch for online classes soon      (Carlsbad EXPO 160228)


Mar 1, 2016

I was extremely worried about finances and I believe you moved some of that energy out of the way so that I could relax and think more positive thoughts. I will check out your online classes. Have a great remainder of the day!    (Carlsbad EXPO 160228)


Feb 28, 2016

Back pain? What back pain??

I had a treatment at the New Earth Expo in Carlsbad tonight. I have been on disability for 4 months with 3 ruptured discs in my lower back. Some days it's not so bad; other days I can hardly walk. Today was one of those. I initially had a quick chair treatment that reduced the pain significantly; so I then decided to get the full treatment. To date I have experienced and paid for: Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Ultrasound and lots of pain meds but NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS! The pain level was 0 and my energy level was so high I felt like running a marathon! This modality works! I'll be back....

Shelly Rodgers

Jan 22, 2016

Amazing Effective Online Treatment

My online treatment with Master Seo was absolutely wonderful!  I felt the tension release in my shoulder & chest the during the treatment & then toward the end I could feel a light energy enveloping me.  It was like the sensation of feathers grazing my skin all over from head to toe, almost tingling!  I felt physically relaxed & much more positive.  I will be back for more.  I am so grateful to have found Ki California!

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