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   Family Healing


    Wellness is a balanced state of body, mind and spirit and healing our family karma is an essential aspect of regaining that balance to create a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

   The family or ancestral healing program focuses on healing the negative emotions or life patterns that can be passed down through the generations of a family.

   In the same way that old houses hold their history in the walls, the energy patterns of our parents and ancestors are imprinted into our energy system and can affect our wellbeing.


   The health problems, pain and regret of our ancestors can be passed down to us and carried forward to future generations. This is often known as karma.

   The family healing program is a spiritual program rooted in the practice of showing deep respect to ancestors, which is an ancient Taoist tradition.


   Many people find it can be the stimulus to release deep-rooted emotional issues, heal the pain of the past or to promote better harmony within the family.



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