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Legal Disclaimer and Agreements Required by the State of California.


    This Legal Disclaimer allows alternative practitioners to practice legally in the State of California. According to state law the following information must be disclosed to you:


    Ki California offers services which are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state. The practitioners at Ki California are not licensed by the state.


    The practitioners at Ki California are not medical doctors nor licensed physicians nor licensed psychologists nor licensed psychotherapists. Persons with psychological or physical illness that require a medical doctor or psychologist or psychotherapist should contact licensed practitioners.


    The practitioners at Ki California do not practice medicine. nor do they diagnose,  cure, treat disease or illnesses. Persons requiring medical diagnosis and possible treatment should seek out medical diagnosis, medical monitoring, and take responsibility for what medical actions should be taken if necessary.


    The practitioners at Ki California  do not recommend the discontinuance of drugs or medication prescribed or recommended by an appropriately licensed practitioner.


    The practitioners at Ki California  do not recommend discontinuing medical, psychiatric, or psychological services while working with them. Multiple opinions, perspectives, and services are usually useful.


    The practitioners at Ki California do spiritual healing work and this work may be unproven according to the FDA and AMA. Therefore, no claims can be made or are made for its effectiveness or use for treating psychiatric or physical health problems.  The work performed by the practitioners at Ki California is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical care by a licensed physician.


    The practitioners at Ki California provide energy to a person so that that person's energy system can heal itself. The practitioners at Ki California  do not heal anyone or anything. The person's body and mind heals themselves when they have the necessary energetic and other resources to do so.


    The education, training, experience, and other qualifications of the the practitioners at Ki California consists of: over 20 years of meditation, teaching, and martial arts training in the ongoing cultivation of  body, mind and spirit.



    The practitioners at Ki California work with people with varying degrees of illness that may be severe to mild, people with dysfunctional states of body and/or mind, people with illnesses that may inevitably progress; The practitioners at Ki California are not to be held liable for any progression of any illness or injury that occurs during or after working with them.




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