Attention during Training--(is below supposed to be in Korean?, if so I would make the title in Korean too 


   노동은 음양이나 좌우의 균형을 생각하지 않고 어떤 목적을 이루기 위해 하는 동작이요, 운동은 좌우의 균형을 유지하며 몸의 건강을 유지하고자 하는 것이요, 수련은 육체뿐 아니라 마음과 영혼에까지 영향을 미치는 것이므로 수련 동작, 천문 낭송 등에 감사하는 마음과 신중한 마음으로 수련에 임해야 할 것입니다. 특히 정신계 수련에 해당하는 것은 보이지 않는 세계와의 조우가 있는 것이기에 수련하는 공간의 에너지가 맑고 밝게 청정되어 있어야 할 것이며, 수련에 임하는 마음과 육신의 상태도 정갈해야 할 것입니다.


   수련이나 단전호흡을 무리하게 하거나 잘못하게 되면 오히려 건강을 해치고, 영적인 문제를 일으키기도 합니다. 수련은 항상 Master와 함께 하도록 합니다. 수련하는데 1Credit을 사용하고 안하고 하는 것이 중요한 것이 아니라 우주 그 자체인 신적 존재와 교류가 아닌 사람이 돌아가신 다음 존재하는 영혼과 교류하는 문제를 일으킬 수도 있기 때문입니다.


   수련하고자 하는 장소는 센터에 미리 주소 등을 보내주시고 Master로부터 장소를 청정을 받도록 하며, 그 외의 장소에서는 운동처럼 혼자서 하지 않도록 합니다.


   수련하는 동안에 어떤 욕심이나 다른 사람에게 보여주고자 하는 탐욕을 갖지 않도록 유의 하시기 바랍니다. 수련을 완벽하게 하겠다는 것도 욕심이요, 공중부양이나 치병의 능력을 갖겠다는 것도 욕심이요, 에너지를 많이 받아야지 하는 것도 욕심입니다. 그저 모든 것을 내려 놓으시고 에너지의 흐름에 맞기시고 하늘(Not Sky but Heaven)과 내가 둘이 아니고 하나이며, 자신 속의 하늘을 찾고 밝히시기 바랍니다.


   수련이나 참선하는 동안 이상한 것을 체험하고 보이는 경우나 몸이 자동적으로 움직이거나 하는 것은 정상적인 수련이 아니므로 Master와 필히 상의하여 주시고, 그러한 것에 현혹되어 끌려 다니지 않으시기 바랍니다. 천존님은 자연스럽기에 있는 듯 없는 듯, 물과 바람과 같습니다. 짜고 단맛이 참된 맛이 아니듯 우주의 그것도 비슷합니다.

Instructions Training Classes


   Training instructions :


   The Ki Training program is divided into 2 parts (Part 1 and Part 2)  Each part contains 12 steps and each Step is associated with a specific physical movement and/or breathing exercise.  A demonstartion of the physical movement will be available to you once you sign in.  Each Step contains 7 classes. You will begin with Part 1, Step1, Class 1 and work your way through sequentially to Part 1, Step 12, Class 7.  Once you have completed Part 1, you can begin Part 2 in the same sequence. You will see all of this on your training card which will be available to you once you sign in. You must fill  the date on your training card before you begin the training class.  Every training class is an hour. It begins with 10 minutes of chanting, then 30 minutes of a very slow physical movement and/or breathing exercises and ends with 20 minutes of mediation. The training class will begin with the instructor bowing to the class participants. The instructior will then turn to the symbol and bow three times. Please bow along with the instructor.  The intstructor will then report the names and steps of all participants. Chanting will begin soon after. Wait for instructions to continue. 


The Bowing: The Ki Master will make several bows. The first bow to the class is the traditional Korean Greeting. The next three bows to the symbol represent the following: The first bow represents respect to the mind of the universe. The second bow shows respect to the earth and the third bow shows respect to our anscestors.


The Symbol: The symbol contains the energy of the universe. The different colors represents the different frequencies of the universal mind. 


The Chanting: The chanting words are cosmic sounds. There is no translation. We begin classes with chanting to initiate the connection with higher frequencies of energy and open up the crown chakra. It helps stimulate energy flow and calms the mind.  


The Movement/ Breathing: This promotes the circulation of energy in the body and slowly releases negative patterns bringing balance and peace to ones mind and body.  


The  Meditation: All classes end with 20 minutes of meditation to settle the mind and body.  After the chanting and movement, you may find meditating after a class easier then when you mediate at home. Even if your mind is still busy, you will continue to receive bright energy during the meditation.


You may choose between 2 classes a day, 9am and 8:30pm, Monday thru Friday (Pacific Time). See the On-line training schedule.


    We recommend that you visit our center in Phelan at least once a month for a Ki treatment. A Ki master will assess your energy and make recommendations to you. If you wish, at that time you can deepen your understanding of the practise and get to know the Ki Masters. Please call to make an appointment.  


First Day : Help yourself to know well abour training's general term, and there will be a special chanting to clean the negative engeries on the area you are going to chant throughout On-line. After this process, please follow instuctions of the superviosr. Please notice to the training center earlier about the trainee name and the new current place. I dont thinkj this this section belongs here and i dont know what you are trying to say. 




   To get started :


1) Sign up or Log- in.


2) Select your payment option


3) Select the day and time you wish to train using the training schedule.


4) Fill in the date on your training card.


5) View the physical movements necessary for the your specific step


6) Enter the On-line training room and wait for the Master/ instructor to begin class.




Intro  (Please explane for beginner)              


  Three Bowes I explained above


  What is Chun-Jon Nim --just refer to as mind of the universe. its not necesary to go into detail online. too much info will scare poeple away. The idea is to make this as user friendly as possible. When they visit the center they can get more info.


  about Chanting--see above


  Havean Ki & Earth Ki reciving--too much information


  Yin & Yang (Negative & Positive)--too much information


  What is Vitality Energy--this is explained in other section of the website , home page and the first training page


  Don-Jun : Upper, Middle, Lower--too much info


  Meditation--see above


  What is it necessary to Clean up training area ---I dont know what to say here


  What is it necessary the training Master--too much info



Training Card

Part I Training Card : Downloard

 Ki Training Fee Options

How to do training class :

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Part II  Step 5       Open

Part II  Step 6       Open

Part II  Step 7       Open

Part II  Step 8       Open

Part II  Step 9       Open

Part II  Step 10     Open

Part II  Step 11     Open

Part II  Step 12-1  Open

Part II  Step 12-2  Open

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Training Class
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2019 upcoming event


 Sat, Jun 22  

DisclosureFest Expo

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2019 upcoming event


 Sat, Jun 22  

DisclosureFest Expo

Huntington Beach, CA


 Sun, Nov 3 

New Earth Expo

San Diego, CA

Frequently asked questions


How does a Ki Treatment work?

​    A Ki Treatment begins with you lying on your back. The Ki Practitioner will check your energy circulation by resting their hands over your abdomen area. They will then begin to open the energy pathways by moving their hands over your abdomen, arms, legs, neck, shoulders and head, while using a natural breathing technique. You will then turn over while they move their hands over your back, shoulders, arms and legs. The whole process takes around 15 to 20 minutes and the results are normally felt instantly although in some cases it may take an extra day or two for you to feel the benefits.


What should I expect to feel after receiving Ki Treatment?

    Most people report they feel lighter, calmer and less stressed, as well as feeling more energized. Every person is different and the responses vary according to age, current health or emotional condition. The Ki Practitioner will tailor the treatment to your specific needs.


Are there any negative effects?

    ​Most people feel immediately better but it is possible to feel more tired following the Ki Treatment while energy fully digests into your system.



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