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Class Format


   1. The Ki-Sun Training program is divided into 2 parts (Part 1 and Part 2)  Each part contains 12 steps and each Step is associated with a specific physical movement and/or breathing exercise.  A demonstration of the physical movement will be available to you once you sign in.


   2. Each Step contains 7 classes. You will begin with Part 1, Step1, Class 1 and work your way through sequentially to Part 1, Step 12, Class 7.  Once you have completed Part 1, you can begin Part 2 in the same sequence.


   3. You will see the class format on your training card Here . You must fill  the date on your training card before you begin the training class.  Every training class is an hour. It begins with 10 minutes of chanting, then 30 minutes of a very slow physical movement and/or breathing exercises and ends with 20 minutes of meditation.


On-Line Training Procedure


   1. In the standing position, members show their grateful mind to the Great Nature by making 3 bows to the Oneness Symbol.


   2. After the members are seated, the leading Ki master reports the names of the members and their corresponding steps via the on-line training cards.


   3. The members chant  the training words along with the Ki Master three times. The chanting words will appear on the screen. The chanting words are cosmic sounds. There is no translation. We begin classes with chanting to initiate the connection with higher frequencies of energy.  It helps stimulate energy flow and calms the mind.


   4. Each memeber trains according to the movement assigned to his(her) step for 30 minutes. This promotes the circulation of energy in the body and slowly releases negative patterns bringing balance and peace to ones mind and body.


   5. All classes end with 20 minutes of meditation to settle the mind and body.  After the chanting and movement, you may find meditating after a class easier then if you were to meditate on your own. Even if your mind is still busy, you will continue to receive bright energy during the meditation.


   6. At the end of class, along with the Ki Master, stand up and make a three bows in gratitude for the Great Nature. We make these bows with our whole body to show our highes respect.




Notes and Guidelines for On-line Training


   1. During training, concentrate on every movement and perform the motion slowly. By moving slowly, you will begin to understand the relationship between the pace of your thoughts and the pace of the motion. Also keep your breathing natural at all times unless your specific step requires a particular breathing technique.


   2. Keep an open mind during training and try to be patient. This training requires effort and discipline to receive its many benefits.  However, know your own limitations and don't perform any movement which is painful or results in discomfort.


   3. Always begin training on an empty stomach or at wait at least 30 minutes after a meal.


   4. You may train several times a day but only once a day is recommended. Do not do this training outside the scheduled times, without a master or on your own.


   5. Make sure your body is clean before you begin training.  A shower is recommended along with wearing clean comfortable clothes. Also, your training space should be clean and quiet.


   6. In addition to the training, we recommend a Ki treatment once a month. A Ki Master will assess your energy and make recommendations to you. Please call to make an appointment at 760.645.2251


Training Instruction

Review & practice Ki Training steps  


Part I  Step 1       Open 

Part I  Step 2       Open

Part I  Step 3       Open

Part I  Step 4       Open 

Part I  Step 5       Open

Part I  Step 6       Open

Part I  Step 7       Open

Part I  Step 8       Open

Part I  Step 9       Open

Part I  Step 10     Open

Part I  Step 11     Open

Part I  Step 12-1  Open

Part I  Step 12-2  Open

Call for an appointment :

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